Panorama Landscapes - Arizona-Panorama

Salt River Bend

I had tried to find this location a couple times before. I got horribly lost on my first attempt and a road closure stopped me the second time, but I persevered and finally found it. The Salt River makes a big bend on the Apache Indian Reservation north of Globe, Arizona. This is one of the wildest places I have ever been. Even though it was under 10 miles to this vista, it seemed like a thousand. The road was very sketchy. I had to double back a couple times to get back on the right road. One time, the "road" meandered through an open field leaving the exit a mystery. It had been some time since anyone came this way since there were zero tracks from other vehicles to be seen or followed. This had me pretty nervous driving in. The road was so rough in places it chewed my BFGs lobbing off a huge chunk out of the tread on one tire. My time was brief once getting there. The sun was going down rapidly and I fired off this panorama just in the nick of time. The drive out was uneventful albeit in the dark...

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